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Drink This Wine

A Chillable Red-ish Wine

A Chillable Red-ish Wine

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What's it taste like?!?

Strawberry Lemonade, Swedish Fish, Sunshine Drives, The West Coast

Varietals / Characteristics:

Pinot Noir: Cherry, Raspberry, Cedar

Merlot: Blackberry, Lime-aid, Leather

Auxerrois: Lemons, Straw, Matchsticks

How's it Made???

One part Carbonic Maceration (Merlot and Pinot Noir), one part Direct Press Rosé (Merlot), and a dash of Direct Press Auxerrois. Fermented naturally with ambient yeasts in a combination of stainless steel and neutral barrels. Blended together in tank with a pinch of SO2 before bottling.

Optimal Drinking Situation:

Serve chilled between 45° - 65° with friends, in the sun, around the dinner table or wherever good times await

What Should I Eat it With?

Roast Chicken, Jammy Pepps w Feta, Hot Pockets, Sandos

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