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I'm Molly Baz.

As you may know, I am first and foremost, a cook. I create easy, cookable, recipes with big flavor and bold personality so that you, the people, can make delicious food in the comfort of your own homes. For me, a huge part of eating well involves the liquid that goes down with it. In this case (and frankly in most cases these days), that liquid is wine. 

So I partnered with my good friend and wine idol, Andy Young, of The Marigny, to bring you low intervention wines created specifically with the intention of pairing them with my food.

We created a line of wines that share the same boldness of flavor, brightness and freshness that my food does. This is wine for eating. It's wine for chilling. It's casual and unfussy and perfect any time of day. Absolutely no judgment here if breakfast wine is your thing.

Whether it's an extra special night, or an extremely insignificant one, we think these are the wines you should be drinking.

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