Before you join, please get suupes familiar with the deets!!

This is a wine club. It's free to sign up, and highly encouraged, but please note that joining means you'd like to purchase our newest wines at a nice discount, twice annually, and your credit card will be charged with each release!

With each new drop you will get early access to your favorite wines, special treatment, and all the love. Granular (like salt!) details are below, please read them!

and if you're ready now, carry on:

  • Benefits of Crushing

    It’s free to join! But space is extremely limited.

    Exclusive discounts:

    • 20% off when you buy 24 bottles
    • 15% off when you buy 12 bottles
    • 10% off when you buy 6 bottles

    Early access to all Drink This Wine releases and exclusive access to extremely limited bottles!

    The ability to invite friends to jump the line, and join the club, when new space opens up!

  • Crush Community

    PLEASE READ: By participating, you acknowledge that this is a small company, based in agriculture (highly impacted by weather), in which Molly Baz is actively involved and also very busy cooking and sharing in her various ways! Please set your expectations to “mom and pop plus” and treat us with patience as we get through this crazy drop. With the best of intentions we will serve each and every one of you to the highest level possible. 


  • It's free to sign up, but the wine is not.

    As you can imagine, wine this delicious requires time, quality ingredients, and a tremendous amount of skill to make, all of which have associated costs.

    Your credit card will be charged AUTOMATICALLY one week after each release is announced.

    Our prices are impacted by the variable costs of fruit, glass, cork, etc. Here's where we're at today:

    A 6 bottle allocation with a 10% club discount may cost as little as $146 (normally $162) or as much as $157 (normally $174) + your state’s taxes and shipping.

    A 12 bottle allocation with a 15% club discount may cost as little as $275 (normally $324) or as much as $296 (normally $348) + your state’s taxes and shipping.

    A 24 bottle allocation with a 20% club discount may cost as little as $518 (normally $648) or as much as $557 (normally $696) + your state’s taxes and shipping.

    The more you buy, the greater your savings. You can save up to $140 on 2 cases.

    We can not discount taxes or shipping, which are calculated by state and out of our control.

  • Shipping wine is a bit of a circus trick.

    UPS requires an adult to show ID and sign for all wine deliveries.

    If there's no adult home when they try to deliver (we suggest sending it to work if you can), they will try two more times before things start to get expensive (they ship it back to fulfillment and you get stuck with a bill for round trip shipping). But don't fret! It's EASY to manage. It just takes a small amount of proactive monitoring of your UPS notifications.

    Each release starts with 12 bottles of wine (a case) and the minimum is 6. If you don't customize or decrease your order, we will assume you are happy.

    If you do NOT want to purchase an entire case, you have ONE week to make your adjustments! Just follow the instructions that come in the release email.

    Once your order is sent to fulfillment (generally 2 business days), the wheels are in motion and refunds are no longer possible.

    Once your order ships, you will receive a UPS tracking
    and communication with UPS is your responsibility.

  • Need to make any ch-ch-ch-changes?

    You can request to hold your wine to ship at a later date, simply by contacting us! Please remember that all sales are final.

    You can pause or cancel your membership at anytime.. Just email: and ask for help!

    Sales are final:
    ONCE YOUR WINE HAS BEEN SENT TO FULFILLMENT, refunds are no longer available to either of us. At that point, the wine no longer belongs to the winery.For this reason it's super important that you add us to your address book and open our emails! We don't email much, so it's safe to assume we legitimately need to reach you.

    We reserve the right to change things up from time to time. This is a new endeavor and we're aimed at improving forever and ever and ever.

    We want to help! We want you to have fun and to spread joy!. The reason we're making a big fuss out of the no fun part is so that you CAN have fun! So you don't miss something that might unfun the experience down the line. We gotcho.