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2022 a chillable red-ish wine

2022 a chillable red-ish wine

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We don't like to pick faves but this year's chillable red may be even sassier than last. It's the perfect bridge between fall and winter--light enough to enjoy on warmer days but with enough structure to last into the chillier ones. It's juicy and mouthwatering, with extremele leves of gluggablility. Think strawberry jam, swedish fish, and those beloved juicy-juice boxes of yesteryear.

What's it taste like?!?

Raspberry Jam, Italian Vacations, Cherry Fun Dip, The Memory of Summer in Fall 

Varietals / Characteristics:

Pinot Noir: Cherry, Raspberry, Forest Floor 

Merlot: Blackberry, Lime-aid, Leather

Gamay: Strawberry Jam, Plums, Coffee Grinds 

How's it Made???

One part Carbonic Maceration (Merlot and Pinot Noir), one part Direct Press Rosé (Merlot), with a bit of Semi-Carbonic Gamay for depth. Fermented naturally with ambient yeasts in a combination of stainless steel, concrete and neutral barrels. Blended together in tank with a pinch of SO2 before bottling.

Optimal Drinking Situation:

Serve chilled between 45° - 65° with friends, in the sun, around the dinner table or wherever good times await


  • 45% Merlot
  • 45% Pinot Noir
  • 10% Gamay Noir

12.5% ABV

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